Standard Inspection

Up to 2000 square feet - $430 + HST
2001 - 2500 square feet - $480 + HST
2501 - 3000 square feet - $530 + HST
3001 - 3500 square feet - $580 + HST
3501 - 4000 square feet - $630 + HST

Anything over 4000 square feet, please contact for a quote.

Standard Inspection includes the house and all attached structures.  It also includes up to one detached garage.  There may be an additional fee for other buildings on the property depending on the size, number, and complexity.  

Pre-Listing Inspection

Same fees as Standard Inspection

Annual Rental Property Inspection

Same fees as Standard Inspection

Discounted rates can be discussed for owners of multiple properties.

Rates are discounted by 10% from full price for a second inspection and all subsequent inspections on any given property.

Infrared Inspection

With Standard Inspection - No extra charge

Standalone inspection - $250 + HST

For best results, inspection must be done when there is a significant temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the home.

WETT Inspection

With Standard Inspection - $100 per unit + HST

Standalone Inspection - $300 + HST for the first unit
$100 + HST for each additional unit

This is a Level 1 inspection.  It is non-destructive and can not determine with certainty the condition of any element that can't be visually inspected.  A Level 1 inspection is sufficient for the vast majority of installations and satisfies home insurance requirements.

Radon Inspection

$250 per inspection - includes initial set-up, retrieval of inspection equipment, and report.

This fee does not include a post-mitigation inspection.

If there is evidence that the test conditions were not maintained, the inspection equipment was tampered with, or the test was otherwise deemed invalid, the client may be required to pay for a re-test.

Annual Maintenance Inspection

90% of the Standard Inspection fee if Cherry Home Inspections did a prior inspection.

Current as of September 2018.  Prices subject to change without notice.