Backwater Valves

A sewage backup in your home is a very nasty event. It can cause a lot of damage and the remediation can be expensive. It often results in an insurance claim.

A backwater valve is a simple device that sits on the main drainage pipe for your home's drain/waste/vent system. It allows your waste water to drain to the sewer, but will activate and close in the event of a sewage backup. These are excellent devices to have to protect your home.

A plumber should be contacted to install a backwater valve to ensure that it’s located properly and installed correctly. If you have one in your home, tell your insurance company. Some insurers offer discounts for devices that are intended to prevent damage to the home. If you aren't sure if there is a backwater valve in your home, look for a green rectangular panel on the basement floor or ask your plumber.

It's a good idea to have the device inspected frequently to ensure the valve is operating properly and will protect your home.

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